“Reliable Service at a Reasonable rate”

Our company Moto is a core value that all Canadian Clean Air Service Personal have in common.
“Reliable Service at a Reasonable Rate”

You work hard for the things that you have and this deserves to it treated with respect. For this reason our technicians wear floor savers to protect the floors in your home from outside debris and matter.

Our safety program ensures our commitment to you. You can rest assured that all personal entering your home have extensive technical training to identify your service needs quickly. Ongoing training ensures we stay current which the rapid changes in our industry.

We believe in having our clients know the cost of any repair up front with our up front pricing guide. All repairs come with our 100 % client satisfaction guarantee, if your not 100% satisfied with the service that has been provided we will refund all of your money. With this benchmark guarantee you will receive the right service every time. 

* Repairs covered under Club Membership